Looking for alternative to cigarettes?

The Nicotine Lady is dedicated to assisting all those who want to change their life by altering their nicotine level to one that better fits their needs.

  • We offer simple kits and simple solutions.
  • We offer personalized customer service.
  • And we deliver (literally).

Our intent is to assist our clients by providing a simple alternative that allows a smoker to take control of their addiction without the use of cigarettes.

How did we help over 8,000 people to achieve their non-smoking goal?

Nicotine Lady picture of starter kit

$40 Starter Kit

  1. First we introduce the smoker to an electronic cigarette kit. The kit includes a 20 mil bottle of e-juice (the smoker’s choice of flavor and strength) which is comparable to 14 packs to 2 carton of cigarettes, a genuine Joyetech 650 mah joyetech Ego C upgrade passthru battery (1000 mah is $5 more) and an Evod clearomizer.
  2. We set an appointment scheduling at least an hour with each new client, personally teaching them how to use their new e-cigarette and determining the right level of nicotine and flavor that works best for them.

The REAL secret to our client’s success is finding the flavor and strength that works best for them.

We have discovered that it’s extremely important that the smoker finds a flavor that is different from what the smoker is currently consuming.

We teach a simple concept called “Yucky smoking, Yummy Vapping” which we anchor with a simple NLP* process (*Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Clients are given the simple instructions to first use the electronic cigarette to resolve their nicotine craving, and then only if needed smoke a cigarette.

We celebrate with you when you reach your desired level of Nicotine.  It makes us very happy!

  • We love helping those who want to change their life by meeting and or exceeding their goal.
  • We provide positive support and encouragement.  We hug our clients.  We work with clients one relationship at a time.

It will take commitment from you.

Change only happens because you are open to it.  We can’t do all the work.

The Nicotine Lady is dedicated in making it as easy and simple as possible.  We believe strongly in the Law of Attraction…  You can achieve anything you believe you can!

Our clients were meant to be in our life and we have been given the pleasure of assisting them on their journey!

Do have more questions?  

Make sure you visit our question and answer page by clicking here.  If you don’t see an answer to a question you may have..just complete the form and we will get back with you on the answer and add it to the website.

We are grateful.  If you are ready to get started…Contact Us TODAY

Thank you for allowing us on your journey to change your life!


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